Friday, May 20, 2005

Your Own FREE Clickbank Products Portal !?

By Arnold jansen

Hey there, i wanted to make a short post about this site i just found. I red the website and it turns out to be an amazing (free, our favourite hehe) business opportunity. Before i go into this website first this:

These people claim to give you a 100% free website witch they host and will rotate
all 10,000 and more Clickbank products BUT here comes the fun part, they will put YOUR affiliate ID on all products, is that cool or what ? i would think so.

The website you get in itself looks very proffessional and they have a viral marketing idea and a autoresponder and back messages embeded, boy these guys seemed to have covered every angle, me ? I am going to try and promote my new CB Top site , after all it's free hehe.

You can get your very own free Clickbank portal to, just visit this link or cut and paste one of the adresses in a browser (for the ones who just use my xml feed). Think about the good stuff they offer you: get a Proffessional website, It's 100% free, you get free marketing for the website, so nothing to loose at all by trying it, visit here: