Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Secrets of Getting Free Advertising.

The opportunities for getting free advertising for your product or services are limited only by your own imagination and energies. There are so many proven ways of promoting your own objectives without cost that it literally boggles the mind just to think of listing them.

One way is to write an article relative to your particular expertise and submit it to all the publications and media dealing in the dissemination of related information. In other words, become your own publicity and sales promotions writer. Get the word out; establish yourself as an expert in your field, and "tag-along" everything you write with a quick note listing your address for a catalog, dealership opportunity, or more information.

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8 Steps for Getting Free Traffic to Your Website.

By Matt Brooks

Want to Make Free Money on the Internet?
One of the biggest problems with starting an Online Business is getting traffic to your website.One of the easiest ways is to pay for it via search engines or pay-per click and pay-per-exposure ads. But this creates a problem because the costs can get rather expensive.Discover an easy, free, and effective way to advertise using articles.

This technique has been Proven time and time again. Write highly effective, good quality articles promoting your business Or product and submit them for free to websites that feature articles. Follow the easy steps below to Be on your way to receiving Free Traffic!

1. Pick a subject that readers will be interested in. No one likes to read a boring article, so be Creative, and Keep It Simple.

2. Use plenty of white space. Only a few lines per paragraph. This helps to keep the reader’s Attention.

3. Use bullets and numbers to make points stand out.

4. Don’t try to sell your product in the article. This will turn readers away, as they think they are Being pitched. Instead, create links in your article to your website. If the reader likes your article, They will be more inclined to go to your website.

5. Stay on the subject you are writing about. Write about only one topic and don’t try to write about 2 or 3 other things. This will keep your reader interested.

6. Make your heading stand out. Most readers will bypass an article if the heading is too boring.

7. Once you write your article, you need to submit it to as many “article directories” as you Possibly can. Go on ( and type in “articles directories”. Over 1 million hits come up. Pick several of them and submit your article.

8. Repeat this process once every week, spending one day writing the article and the next submitting it. You should be well on your way to receiving loads of Free traffic to your website!

Matt Brooks

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AdWords + ClickBank Breaks PROFIT Records !!

By Fazly Mohamed

The latest trend in online marketig today is running Google AdWords campaigns to market ClickBank products. This article explains everything in layman style, so if you are familiar with some concept, please skip that section. Make sure you save this valuable article to refer later.

What are AdWords? Can you picture the small rectangular boxes that appear next to Google search results? If you cannot, goto Google now and make a search to find out related advertisements to that particular search in small boxes next to the search results. These are called AdWords. Goto ( to get an idea about this, before you read the rest of this article.

What is ClickBank? It's one of the major eBook and Software companies in the market today and known to pay very high commission rates to its affiliates. With their huge catalog, it's not difficult to search a product to suit any target market, and the average profit you can make per item sold is around $10 mark. They pay you bi-weekly with a minimum payout of $10, to any country in the world. Which simply means, if you can search and recommend a product to some of your friends by email with a special link ClickBank gives you, and if only one person buys, you can get a paycheck addressed to your home. If you don't have an account with them, get one for free and browse the site to get an idea. Goto (

Why ClickBank and AdWords? ClickBank products are easily sellable and AdWords gives you the chance to meet a target market. Whats the difference between targeted and untargeted markets? If there are 100 click throughs to a motor parts website and if the visitors are sent in from a Humor site, the sales ratio would be much lesser compared to a visiotor stream from a Vehicle site. More related the product to the visitor is, a better sales ratio you can expect. Highly targeted market means there is a very close relationship between the user's interests and the product.

Google AdWords can give you a very cost effective way to reach highly targeted markets. Your ads have a great exposure, as they will also be shown on Google partner search engines and in many websites, while making sure that the ad will only be shown to targeted visitors. You will only pay for the clicks, not the impressions - you don't pay for showing your ad. As an example, if you pay $0.20 per visitor and if it takes 20 visitors per sale (since it's highly targeted traffic), and if you average profit is $10 per item, you spend 20 * $0.20 = $4 dollars per sale to make a $10 profit. A very good return on investment.

The results can be so much better or can be the worst, depending on how you manage the campaigns. If you have a great knowledge on how google AdWords works, optimizing techniques, how to manage your budget and how to keep the costs low while maintaining a good click through ratio (thus in turn the sales ratio).

This is a whole new business and comes with an initial investment with an operating cost while gaining a very good profit in return. The investment is really low, considering an investment for an offline business, and even the break even time is much smaller, while the profit is very good.

Your full investment is shown below.

1. Account at ClickBankFree
2. Account at AdWordsFree
3. AdWords Activation$5
4. AdWords Initial Budget$50 (Payable later)
5. A Good Book on AdWords$50 (Variable)

** NOTE: You must refer a good AdWords report / guide before spending a penny on it, since it can be extremely successful if operated properly or can be disastrous otherwise. The price can vary, but an average estimation is shown.

** AdWords Initial Budget is not payable right now and it is not a set amount. You may use AdWords after activating for $5 and may set your campaigns to any budget you wish, even for $10. We reserved $50 so you can get a decent return on investment initially, which will motivate you to carry the business on. It's payable only at the end of the month. If you did the things right, you may pay these operating costs off after you get the profits every month.

So your initial investment is, $50 for the book
and after you buy, $5 for AdWords activation

for a TOTAL of just $55 to start a BIG BUSINESS.

This isn't a get rich quick scheme or an illegal money making program, but a big business, which can be very profitable if managed successfully and can be a real waste of money if it goes wrong, as the case with any other business. But the advantage is, that the initial investment for this is really low, can expect a very good return on investment, can become an established business quickly and no great risk.

I highly recommend you to read a very good book on AdWords even before you activate the AdWords account, so you can make every penny count. There are many great books on this subject, but the best one I found is located at GoogleProfits, which is good for its price and is very informative.

In summary, the steps needed to establish this business is as follows:

1. Open an account at ClickBank (Click here - Clickbank)
2. Open an account at AdWords (Click here - Adwords)
3. Buy a good book on AdWords (Click here - GoogleProfits)
* Then you need to start advertising campaigns with Google. Your AdWords reference book should contain everything you need to know, optimization tips, etc. and you should be able to start and manage campaigns like a pro.

4. Activate the account
5. Get the paychecks
6. Pay for advertising in AdWords (operating cost)

This is all you need to do to get your business started and rolling along.

My final piece of advice is, plan all your expenses and expected minimum return on investment out. This will keep you to your budget and is the most essential to succeed as an online marketer. Spend less, less and less, BUT earn more, more and more..

Make sure you save this valuable article to refer later.

Thank You

Fazly Mohamed

Fazly Mohamed is a successful Internet Marketer and is currently an undergraduate of BSc in Computing & IT at the Staffordshire University, UK.

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Read here how Jeff Alderson rid himself of his website traffic problems permanently...

Article From: Jeff Alderson

Dear Friend,

Like so many others, I came online with high expectations. I wanted to earn a comfortable living. But no matter how hard I worked or what type of marketing and promotion I implemented, I always found myself facing the same old brick wall...

My websites STILL weren't receiving enough traffic!
More specifically, they weren't receiving enough TARGETED traffic. And knowing that I couldn't achieve financial success without that one key ingredient, I became obsessed about locating the "perfect" traffic-generating method.

For almost a year, I tried every gimmick, every system, every program. If some new and innovative method was released, I jumped on it. Unfortunately, there were too many instances where the results were far less than what was anticipated.Plus, there were advanced traffic methods that produced good results but were too technical, too complicated, or too time-consuming for the average person to implement properly.

I was becoming more and more frustrated, mainly because I was merely looking for a traffic-generating system that...

#is simple enough for even an inexperienced beginner to use
#is effective enough to impress even the most advanced marketer
#works 100% no matter WHAT product or website is being promoted
#doesn't wipe out your credit card, life savings, and retirement fund
#drives tons of targeted traffic EVEN if you put in very little effort
#keeps on working for as long as the Internet exists
#utilizes search engine optimization techniques that ALWAYS work

Now I ask you... is that REALLY too much to expect from a system that generates traffic? I certainly didn't think so!So rather than give up (as someone who wasn't obsessed might easily have done), I took hold of the only other option I had available. I decided to create my OWN traffic-generating formula.

Of course, the basic concept was already out there. All I really had to do was gather up bits and pieces of all the most effective methods and then combine those ingredients into one, easy-to-use system.And to tell you the truth, what I wound up with worked even better than I had hoped for. In fact, on one of my websites alone, the amount of traffic increased from a measily 900 unique visitors a month to well over 27,000!

But even THAT wasn't good enough. I wanted a software product that would allow me to perform the same traffic-generating formula automatically and in record time. WITHOUT being overly technical or complicated.

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