Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Best Traffic Secret I Ever Learned - I didn't know...

Hello again fellow webmasters,

If you could get high quality traffic that would grow larger over time to your site on a daily basis free of charge starting tomorrow would you do it?I'm going to show you exactly how to do that right here free of charge.

Let me be completely honest with you, after reading this, I guarantee you will never again have to pay any money to get high quality traffic to your website. And no, what I am about to tell you has nothing to do with emailing safe lists, wasting your time with traffic exchange programs, or any other cheap tricks.

What I am about to explain to you in the most simple straightforward manner that I possibly can is by far the most powerful way to get the most long term high quality traffic on earth. I want you to be able to fully understand the elegance of the system that I am about to describe to you so I let me first give you a little background.

When I first started to market affiliate programs online I went the pay per click route. I didn't really know what I was doing, but magically it seemed to work. I can't say that I made much money through pay per click advertising, but I did get some traffic that actually bought through my affiliate links. The main problem with this method was it ended up costing me just as much as I made.

Next I tried to generate traffic the free route by taking part in traffic exchanges and mailing to safe lists. I'm not going to even go into detail about these methods because it didn't take me long to figure out that these methods just don't work.

Next, I started advertising in ezines. This traffic method does work and can work well, but it can also cost quite a bit of money and does put you at quite a bit of risk. There were times when I was mailing to ezines that cost quite a bit of money and I didn't even make one sale and then there were other times when I was advertising in ezines that I spent very little and I made some pretty good returns. It's hit or miss most of the time and the traffic you generate is only transient.

Next, I decided I would try to start my own ezine. It sounded like a great idea, but it really is quite a bit of work can cost quite a bit of money in the early phase if you're growing your list using co registration leads. Having your own list is a powerful sales tool and I do think that it is something that everyone who is serious about their Internet marketing efforts should have, but I truly don't think it is the best way to generate long term hands free traffic.


Because you have to email your list every time you want them to visit a site. It's not hands free.

Now, let me get to the point...

What's the best traffic secret I ever learned?

Hint: I'm doing it write now.

That's right - Writing Articles!

The Best Traffic Secret I Ever Learned - Writing good quality...
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Writing good quality articles about subjects that people want to read about is by far the best high quality traffic generation tool available anywhere. The great thing is this is something that will NEVER change.


*People want high quality free information. After all, that's primarily why they search the Internet anyways.

*Websites need good quality content to for there sites and ezines.

By filling in that gap you're fulfilling a need that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. The reader gets great information to read. The website or ezine owner gets quality content. You get to stamp yourself as an authority in the field and you get to add a link in the resource box at the end of your article (free high quality traffic).

Gaining website traffic through writing article works through the principle of reciprocity. You first give something of value and then you get something of value in return. You give your quality content to other webmasters and then they give you traffic.

What makes this tool so powerful is its viral nature. Not only do you get free traffic through your resource box at the end of your article, but you also get to establish high quality links back to your website that the search engines love. Let me say that a different way, when you post your articles to the larger directories you will get a free high PR link back to your site. Further, you have an almost infinite number of chances for other webmasters looking for quality content to post your articles to there website.

The Best Traffic Secret I Ever Learned - I didn't know...

I didn't know how powerful this method truly was until about 3 weeks after I began posting my articles to the larger directories. I started to see my website traffic grow and I couldn't really place why. At that point, I had place my article only in three of the top directories, but when I did a Google search for some of the titles of my articles I found my articles on dozens of website. "Wow" I thought. I got dozens of free in pointing links within a period of only a few weeks and I really didn't have to do anything to get them. It was only when I saw this with my own eyes that I finally realized how powerful article writing could be as a traffic generation tool. After that I was sold.

Give it a try. It's the best hands free traffic secret that I have ever learned. Write a few articles and then post them to a few directories. you'll be surprised with your results. Best of all it's all free!
One last tip!

After writing your articles you need a few great places to them to, so here are my favorite places to post; IdeaMarketers, GoArticles, and EzineArticles.

That should get you off to a pretty good start. Happy Writing!

Arnold Jansen